Padgett is your local small business tax and payroll specialist, catering to the needs of small business owners through a network of local owner operated offices. We have the expertise that small businesses need to address their company’s tax and financial issues and assist them with building asuccessful business.
Padgett is the local answer for your business needs.
- We are Dependable
- We offer Peace of Mind
- We are available for all your small business needs
- We are your local neighborhood specialists
- We are a lot like you
We provide a unique combination of business information and services to help small business owners succeed. By providing current & relevant information to you, we can solve a wide range of business problems, which will allow you to spend more time building your business and focusing on your customers. We specialize in small businesses and have been helping them be successful in their own right.
- Accurate & complete records
- Easy systems
- Personal service
- Tax knowledge and expertise
- Complete confidentiality
- Advice about all financial aspects of your business
- On-time deliver
Padgett Business Services is a nationwide network of over 400 locally owned offices. We specialize in working with small businesses, providing bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax services, and business management consulting. Since 1966, we have been partners with businesses like yours, helping them on the road to BUSINESS SUCCESS AND
- Picking up and delivering work at your business save you time
- Timely reports and tax you will never be late
- Responsive and attentive service...always available to answer questions
First, we help you install concise controls for monitoring sales, payroll, expenses, depreciation, and most importantly, tax compliance. Then, regular monthly meetings are scheduled when we pick up work from you and deliver reports and tax forms. We also spend time each month going over the reports, because we want to make sure the information is understandable.
Small Businesses:
Our practice specializes in owner-operated retail and service businesses. We bring 30 years of specific experience to help with your problems, and have developed systems that are ideal for your business
New Businesses:
We specialize in new startups, helping file all the necessary forms and putting financial systems in place.
We prepare all of your tax forms accurately and on time, and alert you to filing deadlines. Even more importantly, we know that by proper planning all year, we can often reduce your tax load before you file.
- Auto Repair - Real Estate Agents - Mini Marts
- Chiropractors - Beauty Salons - Insurance Agents
- Restaurants - Dentists - Professional People
- Travel Agents - Dress Shops - Small Business Owners of all kinds
Whether you are a professional person, a retail store owner, or a small business owner of any kind, we can help you on the road to BUSINESS SUCCESS AND FINANCIAL SECURITY
Today, the fast pace of business demands that you be available when your customer needs you.
Taking care of business. Taking good care of business is important for the success and longevity of your company. As you know, running your own business takes quite a bit of planning, hard work, and organization in order to be successful.
Help is on the way. You need the skills of a full-service, experienced professional - at an affordable rate - to take care of important tax, reporting, and bookkeeping functions that will help you stay in business - and prosper. We know what the owner operated business needs. We want to be partners with you on your road to success.
We are ready to help you take your
small business to new heights.